Rates and Booking Information


Portrait & Family Photography

Base Packages:

 *1 hour Session  - at least 10 lightly edited digital images  $75

 *1/2 hour Session- at least 3 lightly edited digital images $45

At present, I do not offer printed images.  I deliver digital file copies only.  Once you receive your files, you can then have the service of your choice print them.  

It is very likely when you book sessions that you will get more images.  The number above is the amount that I will give at a minimum.

Additional Charges

All of the above packages are for  4 people or less.  If you have a large family, I can price those on a case-by-case basis so it should be affordable for larger group photos.  My shoots are usually at my home on my property with nature backgrounds which is why I am willing to do the rates listed above.    I can also shoot indoors with black, white, or floral backgrounds.

Travel Fee
Special locations may have additional charges depending on the distance I need to travel to a shoot.  The base rates listed above are if you come to me at my home in the Village of Dalton in Wayne County Ohio.  The weather may affect scheduling given most of the portrait photography is done outside.   

Contract Required
All customers will be asked to sign a standard photography contract.  I do require the contract before I will photo a session.  I will also ask for a basic photo release with the option to decline if you are uncomfortable with that.   Most photographers always require a photo release.  However, I feel it is important to give people control over how the photos are used.

Payment Timeframe
If you book a session, the photography contract will be emailed to you for review in advance of the session.     No fees are required until the day of the session unless you are booking for a special location.   The special location fee will be required upfront and is non-refundable.  If you have more than one cancellation, then all fees may be required to book the time in the future.  Payment methods accepted are Paypal, and cash.

Senior Portraits
Please see the information for the 1-hour booking.    I can also offer a 2-hour booking if plenty of time is needed for outfit changes.  A 2-hour rate would presently run  $125 for a minimum of 20 edited images.

Wedding Photography
*Wedding Photography rates begin at $1500 for 4 hours of coverage, and 100 lightly edited digital photos will be delivered electronically within 1 week of the event.  There are travel charges for anything greater than 1 hour from my home. 

$2250 for 4-6 hours of coverage and approximately 200 photos. 

$2850 for 8 hours of coverage and 300 lightly edited photos.   This is for single shooter coverage.    At present, I do not have a second shooter available.   Special situations and requests may have additional charges.   Wedding bookings do require a non-refundable $300 fee and a signed contract in order to reserve the day.    The remainder of the balance is due the day of the wedding before the photos begin.

I reserve the right to decline any wedding.

Corporate Headshots
*Corporate Headshots  $35,  2 lightly edited digital images, up to a 15-minute time slot, 1 person.  If you have more than 10 people, needing headshots in a day I will give a discount of 10%.   I can come to your office to set up a space to photograph multiple people efficiently during business hours.  The Travel Fee would apply if I come to your business.  If you are contracting more than 10 photos, I would waive that fee.   Black, white, and a blended gray background are available.

Other Images for Sale
*Unwatermarked Bird, Nature, Landscape, or Pet Images, $5 per digital image on my site.  If you use the watermarked bird or pet images and give me full photography credit and link to my website, you may use these for free.   No one may use any picture, watermarked or not, of people on my site.  These are all copyrighted and not available for purchase, except by the client.

A few of my images are now on Etsy, especially Christmas ones, and some have been made into graphics to use for cards and crafts.  These images are priced differently than this website.  Sometimes they will be cheaper if I am doing sales.  If images are purchased from me directly, I do give bulk discounts.  Currently, I am using Paypal for invoicing, and Google drive to transfer photos.

Important note
I generally do not release raw and unedited images as this is an unfinished product.

Social Media and Sharing
I will provide you with a set of digital images that are both watermarked and not watermarked.  It is always greatly appreciated when you share on social media using the watermarked image.  As a small business, giving my work credit is super helpful and I thank everyone in advance for being thoughtful in this manner.   At present, I do not require this as many photographers do, but it is a blessing.