Bird and Nature Photography II

  1. Hungry Hawk watching bird feeder

2. Hawk on Deck Railing

3. Hawk watching bird feeder like it's a buffet

4. Blue Jay in the evening sunlight

5. Blue Jay, Among Spring Dogwood Blooms

5. Goldenfinch, male, springtime

6. Red Headed Woodpecker, softer focus

7. Blue Jay on bird feeder pole looking left

8. Northern Cardinal, Male and Dark Junco chilling together on cold day

9. Black-Capped Chickadee, on bird feeder pole eyeing back

10. Red Shouldered Hawk, juvenile, sitting on bridge post

11. Hawk taking off to attack bird feeder below

12. White Breasted Nutchatch and Goldenfinch having a fight

13. Black-Capped Chickadee, close up and soft color background

14. Black-Capped Chickadee

15. Blue Jay in Morning light

16. Northern Cardinal, male, beautiful in red on cold day

17. Blue Jay, poofed on cold blustery day

18. Goldfinch at the sunflower feeder

19. Blue Jay in Apple Tree

20. Blue Jay in cold snowy tree

21. Finch, male, with fall color background

22. Red Bellied Woodpecker with belly color showing

23. Downy Woodpecker

24. Blue Jay in evening light of dogwood tree

25. Mourning Dove About to Fly, golden light

26. Black-Capped Chickadee, wings spread

27. Downy Woodpecker with fall color in background

28. Red Bellied Woodpecker

29. American Robin in Dogwood with Fall Color

30. Dark Eyed Junco with Fall Color in background

31. House Finch, male on bird feeder pole looking over shoulder

32. Swan in the Marsh during fall color

33. Blue Jay in Apple Tree on cold day, back colors displayed